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March 5th, 2013 Famous boyfriends

And the current Serena Williams boyfriend is – Patrick Mouratoglou

In December of 2012 Serena Williams boyfriend was rumored to be Patrick Mouratoglou because the couple was spotted together on vacation spending time quite happily in each other’s company. The happy couple was noticed on a boat trip in Mauritius.
Serena Williams boyfriend is known to be a professional French coach with a great body, thus it is no surprise that Serena Williams is attracted to him. In the pictures and videos taken from the vacation, it is quite obvious that Serena Williams was getting closer and closer to Patrick Mouratoglou.
In fact, the couple was seen together spending time in the autumn before, when Serena Williams was visiting Paris. Throughout almost all of the time of her visit, Serena Williams boyfriend was noticed alongside of the woman. The couple held hands and kept them in each other pockets and hugged each other in various public places. However, it was also not the first time when Serena Williams and her boyfriend were noticed together. In French Open which happened in summer the couple was seen together sitting next to each other.
However, Patrick Mouratoglou does not seem quite happy about all the media attention that he got from dating Serena Williams. In one of the interviews he stated that all these talks would have not even be out in the open, if it was somebody else and not Serena Williams. Patrick Mouratoglou is known to be coaching Serena Williams, as well. The French coach has only nice words to say about the sportswoman and admits that she is a winner and also a champion.
However, there were still some rumors that Serena Williams might still have feelings for her ex-boyfriend, Common. During the U.S. Open, Common cheered while Serena Williams was playing and was sitting next to her family and friends. Nevertheless, photos of Serena Williams and Patrick Mouratoglou imply that right now Serena Williams has another love interest and seems quite happy with her new boyfriend. Thus, gossips about Common being Serena Williams boyfriend again might go to rest because there are no proofs from either of the sides saying that they are involved with each other again.

serena williams boyfriend

serena williams boyfriend

serena williams boyfriend





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